Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Root Canal Treatment

Want to get root canal treatment, but you doubt its effectiveness?

Root canals have the image of being terrifying and painful. Yet, the fact is, this dental process helps patients far more than it hurts them. Root canals preserve the tooth if you have an inflammation that concerns the tissue in its root. 

Root canal treatment is preventative care. The procedure saves affected teeth, shields them from additional decay, and eradicates pain.

Still doubtful? In this guide, we’ll explain why you should get one, and we’ll also help you find the “best dentist near me in Coal Harbour.” Here are five reasons you should not fear your future appointment:

1. Root Canal Process Save Your Tooth

A root canal aims to preserve your tooth, regardless of the infection within, and it’s very effective in this way. With this treatment, your teeth can be long-lasting if you keep a good dental regimen. Moreover, it will not be evident so that you can put the entire experience behind you.

A root canal is the first phase of the process. It cleanses the affected area and brings back the normal tooth function. After that, your tooth repair will resemble the same as a natural tooth.

At the last phase of the procedure, your dentist will set a crown on the tip of the tooth to make a unique fresh look. This durable safety shell returns its use and stops other bacterial inflammation.

2. Root Canal Treatment Is a Fast Procedure

Fixing your root canal is immediate treatment, but it does take a little longer than a routine cavity filling. Root canal treatment takes the least amount of time in the dentist’s seat, and it’s a quicker way to a painless mouth.

3. Root Canal Is Less Painful

The bad image of root canals may precede the modernized process. Root canal treatment has become high-level in recent years, which now evolved to a more painless experience. According to a study, patients who had a root canal define it as easy than those who never had the procedure.

Before the process, a dentist will inject an anesthetic around the affected tooth. Afterward, you might feel almost nothing.

4. You Can Always Go Back to Your Normal Routine the Next Day

People fear root canals because of likely complications or post-surgical pain. While you may feel pain after the treatment, you can relieve it with over-the-counter painkillers.

Most people can get back to their daily routine the next day. Since you’ll be vulnerable to infections, your dentist will provide you an antibiotic.

5. Root Canal Can Preserve Your Natural Teeth

Nothing beats keeping a normal tooth, and root canal dentistry acts as if no treatment ever happened. Rather than missing a tooth and having to change it with an implant, you’ll revive the form of your flawed tooth. T

Your Beautiful Smile is our Best Reward
Coal Harbour dentists provide many services, from root canal treatment to complete dental restoration. At O2 Dental, patient well-being is our main priority, and we aim to provide excellent dental care. A smiling patient is our highest reward, and we expect to keep those smiles glowing!

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When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Contrary to what some people might think, wisdom tooth extraction isn’t an inevitable part of aging. That said, wisdom tooth removal in Vancouver is a fairly common procedure, as about one in nine Canadians will need to have at least one wisdom tooth removed by the time they reach age 30.

That means that although removing a wisdom tooth is nothing to be afraid of, it’s also important to know for sure it’s needed before you decide to have a tooth removed. Here are a few signs that you should have your tooth extracted!

Gum Disease

When gingivitis occurs at the back of your mouth, it’s a good idea to simply opt for wisdom tooth extraction because these teeth are notoriously hard to take care of. There’s not much space at all behind your wisdom teeth on your gums, which can make it hard to brush them properly. The lack of space can also crowd your other teeth, pushing them together and limiting the space that you have to properly floss them.

Gum disease has several causes, so removing wisdom teeth won’t be enough to solve the issue on its own. But if you’re feeling blood coming from the back of your mouth on a regular basis, you might want to talk to your dentist about extraction.


The only time that it’s normal to feel pain in your mouth is when your teeth are erupting for the first time, such as when you first acquired your wisdom teeth. But if all of your teeth have made their presence known, any sign of pain in your mouth requires a dental visit at the first opportunity.

If you’re feeling pain around your wisdom teeth on a consistent basis, wisdom tooth extraction in Vancouver might be the solution. Because of its location, tooth decay is very common with wisdom teeth, and if the infection spreads, you can experience toothache with a more important tooth in short order. Because wisdom teeth are unnecessary in the modern world, it’s often better to pull them if they start to cause pain rather than risk an infection jumping to other teeth.

Regular Infections

Your mouth is filled with bacteria, some of it harmful and some of it helpful. When your wisdom teeth don’t completely break through the gum line and only partially erupt, the harmful bacteria have the ideal place for them to thrive and cause an infection in your mouth. This can lead to pericoronitis, a condition where the back of your gums are infected and swollen because of a problematic tooth. Unlike gum disease, this is something that can be cleared up by removing the wisdom tooth and getting the area properly cleaned.

If your wisdom teeth come in properly and they’re not causing problems, you don’t need to worry about wisdom tooth extraction. But if you experience any of these issues, wisdom tooth removal in Vancouver is probably the right idea, and it’s important to call a dentist as soon as possible to discuss treatments!