Dentin Exposure: Causes and Prevention

The dentin is in the outer layer of the tooth structure, sitting underneath your enamel. Its function is to protect the nerve-filled pulp, which is also protected by the enamel coating. Since the dentin isn’t as hard as the enamel and contains nerve endings, you may experience sensitivity when it’s exposed. Keep reading to find out its causes and how you can prevent it. 

Causes of Dentin Exposure

One of the ways to prevent dentin exposure is to know how it’s exposed. 

Teeth Grinding

Clenching and grinding your upper and lower teeth together eventually leads to chips and cracks. While this condition is caused by malocclusion and stress, it also occurs during sleep. Prolonged grinding results in a thinning enamel, exposing the dentin as a result. 

We suggest speaking with a professional to help you address this issue. Your dentist may recommend getting a nighttime mouth guard to prevent tooth grinding. 

Gum Recession

Poor dental hygiene can eventually lead to serious dental problems such as gingivitis. This occurs when you don’t regularly brush and floss your teeth. Food debris can get stuck in between your teeth, leading to the accumulation of dental plaque. 

Plaque is a sticky bacteria that produce acid, destroying your tooth enamel in the long run. When not addressed, plaque can lead to gingivitis. As a result, your gums may recede, exposing you to more infection. 

Brushing Too Much

It’s recommended to use a soft-bristled toothbrush with multi-layer bristles for efficient brushing. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush and brushing with too much force can damage the enamel and cause dentin exposure. Soft toothbrushes contain less densely packed bristles, allowing them to bend easily and making them gentler on gums and teeth. 


The discoloration is caused by tannins, a property usually found in coffee or wine, and certain fruits such as peaches and dark berries. This could eventually lead to exposed dentin and make your teeth yellow. Speak with a dentist in Coal Harbour for a dental checkup. We can help you alleviate the problem and prevent more damage. 

How to Prevent Dentin Exposure

When you’re experiencing increased tooth sensitivity, this could indicate a dentin exposure. You need to see a dentist in Vancouver ASAP for a checkup. 

You can prevent dentin exposure by wearing a mouthguard to give you a more comfortable night’s sleep. Reduce your sugar intake and use a soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing your teeth. Make sure to also floss twice a day to ensure your mouth stays clean. 

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