Is a Chipped Tooth an Emergency?

A report showed that around 81% of people visit a general dentist worldwide each year. One such common problem is a chipped tooth.

But is a chipped tooth an emergency? It can be in some cases, depending on the severity of the case. Do you have a chipped tooth? Then, it’s best to seek an emergency dentist just in case the issue is serious, or before it becomes too.

Read on to find out why we’re the dentist for you.

When Is a Chipped Tooth a Problem?

If the damage isn’t much, then it’s not considered such a problem. It may just need a polish so that the broken edge gets smoothed and the chip’s resolved. Dental bonding is also used at times to fill in the gaps.

But when it’s more severe, a root canal’s needed.

How Tooth Chips Become Fixed by Root Canals

If the chipped tooth becomes damaged more or broken, then a root canal’s required. This is especially true when the chip reaches the pulp, which can then become infected.

While carrying out the process, the dentist takes away the infected pulp, cleans the inner part of the tooth, and fills the gaps. Then, a crown’s fitted in place.

Not all dental emergencies cause distress, and this is the case with a root canal. It’s generally pain-free, much like when getting a filling.

The Surgery Involved in a Root Canal for a Chipped Tooth

Molars have multiple teeth. Part of the chipped tooth needs removal, which can then ensure the rest of the tooth isn’t harmed, referred to as a hemisection. A root canal must then be performed on the rest of the tooth.

The dentist may also offer surgery to find tooth chips or cracks that an x-ray can’t detect. This takes calcium deposits away from a previous root canal.

When Extraction Is Needed for a Chipped Tooth

At times, however, a root canal won’t fully rescue your tooth. How deep the crack is gets determined if an extraction’s required by the dentist. The deeper chips are more likely to require the tooth to be pulled.

If you do need your chipped tooth extracted, then it is an emergency. Then, you’ll be given a dental implant that makes your teeth look normal and give you a wide smile that you’ll be proud of.

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When it comes to chipped or cracked teeth, we’ve got you covered. We give details about our procedures so we can ensure you receive the treatment that’s right for your chipped tooth.

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When a chipped tooth becomes an emergency, there are a couple of options such as root canal therapy or tooth extraction.

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