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Top Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Child for Vancouver Dentist Downtown Services

Every parent wants the best for their child, including great oral health. Taking children to the dentist at an early age is crucial to help keep their teeth and gums healthy. But for the little ones, their first trip the dentist can be a little scary, filled with unfamiliar sounds, objects, and people. To help ease their anxieties, here are some ways you can help your kids prepare for Vancouver dentist downtown services.

Start Young

The sooner your child visits the dentist, the better. Believe it or not, parents should be taking their kids to the dentist as early as age 1 or when their first tooth comes in. Regular dental visits, while your kids are young, will not only benefit their oral health but also help children familiarize themselves with the dental process, helping to reduce fear and boost confidence.   

Get your kids interested

Getting kids interested about Vancouver dentist downtown services is a great way to help lower anxiety. You can help them learn and get excited about their appointment with a wide variety of toys, pictures books, and apps. Playing pretend dentist with your child will also help them prepare for a real dental visit—all you need is a chair, a toothbrush, a mirror, and a little imagination. The key is helping your children get a better sense of what to expect.

Stay positive

staying positive

Everything you say can—and does—have an impact on your child. Kids look to you for support and guidance, so you’ll want to communicate safe and comforting words to them like “strong,” “clean,” and “healthy” when discussing their upcoming visit to the dentist. Even a small slipup by saying a negative word, such as “painful,” “hurt,” or “shots,” can leave a lasting impression on your children, resulting in tears and tantrums.

Take a tour

Okay, taking a trip to the dentist isn’t like spending the day at Disneyland, but it sure can come in handy when preparing kids for Vancouver dentist downtown services. A short visit to the clinic before their actual appointment provides a great opportunity for your children to meet the dentist and staff, as well as get a feel for the new surroundings.

Let them make some decisions

Letting children make some of their own decisions can be beneficial in the dental process. For example, you can let them choose their own toothbrush or pick a polish flavour. Involving your kids in the decision-making process will build their confidence, lower their fear, and teach them responsibility.

Is your child scared of their upcoming Vancouver dental visit? With a little time and these nifty tricks of the trade, your little one will have no trouble overcoming their dental anxiety.

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