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Top Reasons to Regularly Visit a Dentist in The West End

With today’s busy, on-the-go lifestyle, it can be easy to let dental check-ups slide. But, as tough as it might be to squeeze yet another appointment into your hectic day, you simply can’t afford to take a “wait and see” approach to oral health. If you want to keep that winning smile, here are some top reasons why regular visits to your dentist in the West End is a great idea!

Prevent cavities

Brushing and flossing alone is no guarantee of a cavity-free mouth. Over time, plaque and tarter builds up between teeth and at other hard-to-reach areas, and that leads to tooth decay. If you want to win the war on cavities, you’ll need to visit your dentist regularly. Dental hygienists are professionally trained at cleaning teeth, using specialized tools to scrape away teeth-eroding plaque and tarter.

Fight gum disease

Tarter and plaque buildup will not only cause cavities, but can also lead to gum disease—a major cause of tooth loss for many people. By seeing your dentist in the West End twice a year, they will be able to spot the early signs of gum disease (or gingivitis) and treat it before it turns into a much more serious problem.

Identify dental issues with x-rays

Are your wisdom teeth impacted? Do you need a root canal? Dental problems are not always visible to the naked eye. X-rays will help your dentist locate and diagnose issues below the gum line, including bone decay, infected nerves, damaged jawbones, and tumours.

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Keep your smile bright

No matter how much you brush, your teeth can lose their shine. Drinking coffee, eating certain foods, or smoking can stain your teeth, leaving them dull and discoloured. Regular visits to your dentist in the West End will help bring back your white, bright smile.

Maintain a healthy body

Did you know that your oral health can impact your overall health? It’s true. Poor dental hygiene is linked to many diseases and conditions, like diabetes, osteoporosis, endocarditis (an infection of the heart lining), and even heart disease.

Break bad dental habits

There are a lot of habits that can jeopardize your overall oral health that you might not even know. Biting your nails, chewing ice, grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, and brushing too hard can all lead to dental problems down the road. Fortunately, your dentist will be able to recognize these issues and help you change negative behaviors that can put your dental health at risk.

Ignoring your teeth now can turn into serious and expensive problems in the future. Visiting your dentist in the West End twice a year will ensure you have a perfect oral health.

For healthy smiles that last a lifetime, contact O2 Dental today!

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